Сергій Малик

25 years ago – on 1 August 1996 – we established the Kyiv automotoclub, widely known as just КМАМК.

KMAMK is already an integral part of the history of independent Ukraine and our well-beloved Kyiv.

KMAMK has long been known globally and honourably represents Ukraine among the most famous car clubs in the World.

We do not have a 110-year history yet as, for example, the Automobile Club of Monaco, but we are confident that we are creating the automotive history of our country and the World’s one year after year.

For a quarter of a century, we have organised hundreds of various competitions and social events. We set national and World records, win competitions, train future champions, do everything to ensure that Ukrainian professional and amateur motorsport develops.

KMAMK is an active participant in Kyiv and Ukraine public life. We are committed to reviving our homeland’s historical and cultural heritage. Today, we are doing our best to help fight for the country’s liberation and support those who need help.

I am sincerely grateful to the KMAMK team for my 40 national and World records, but the greatest happiness for me is when our yellow and blue flag proudly rises as a sign of victory all over the World.

Kind regards
Serhii Malyk

President of KMAMK

Serhii Malyk 
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