In 2017, at the 69th Bonneville Speed Week festival at Bonneville Salt Flats in the United States, Serhii Malyk set a world speed record on a KMZ Dnepr MT motorcycle.

He proved to be the fastest in the 650 M-PBG class, reaching a top speed of 73.041 miles per hour (116.86 km/h). The previous record in this class — 51.41 miles per hour (82.74 km/h) — was set on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 2007 and had been unbeaten for 10 years.


During the 70th anniversary Bonneville Speed Week in 2018, Serhii Malyk set another record on a specially prepared electric motorcycle, Dnepr Electric, reaching a speed of 103.995 miles per hour (167.36 km/h).

Рекорд швидкості на мотоциклі «Дніпро» у Bonneville Salt Flats в 2017 році


For the 71st Bonneville Speed Week in 2019, the KMAMK team built an electric motorcycle called “The Spirit of Ukraine”.

There are no analogues of this motorcycle in the world yet: a 300 kW peak motor, 300 hp+, 90 kg of lithium-ion batteries and 650 kg of aluminium.

Unfortunately, the rain that fell for several days made the legendary track unfit for racing.


On August 12, 2021, Serhii Malyk set a new world speed record, breaking his own record from 2018 — 107.217 miles per hour (172.55 km/h) on a modernized Dnepr Electric electric motorcycle in the “A” Omega class.