Kyiv automotoclub (abbr. in Ukrainian — KMAMK) was established on 1 August 1996.

KMAMK is a team of like-minded people who have been living motorsports for 25 years.

Our world is a world of strong and dynamic people, high speeds and powerful means to achieve the goal.

For 25 years we have organised hundreds of various competitions and social events. We have set records, won in competitions, trained future champions and made all possible to allow professional and amateur motorsport to develop.

For many years we have been organising Club Rally Cup, Rally StolytsiaGreat Women’s Rally, Diplomats’ Rally, participating in social and public events. And we are setting national and international records, training champions, engineering race cars, teaching drivers and conducting various interesting and bright projects.

For all the time of its existence, Kyiv automotoclub has been an active member of Kyiv and Ukraine public life.

We are committed to reviving the historical and cultural legacy of our country. Today we are helping in every way to fight for the liberation of our country and supporting vulnerable people in need.

We built the race track around the NSC Olympiysky and organised the Championship of Ukraine.

We organised the world’s first Diplomats’ Rally with the participation of accredited diplomatic missions in Ukraine.

We brought the Dakar 2008 the first national race team on the national race truck KrAZ.

Our Formula race car summited Ai-Petri and then outraced the aeroplane.

We have set the National record 7,923 km on a motorbike along the border of Ukraine in 13 days, and then we have organised the cross-country race Ukraine is Europe, having ridden a motorcycle for 32,000 km around Europe.

We set speed record on the Dnipro motorbike in Bonneville Salt Flats in 2017, and another one on the electric motorbike in 2018.

We set the speed record on the electric motorbike “The Spirit of Ukraine” in 2020.

Our the 40th record is the speed record on the electric motorbike in Bonneville 2021.

In January 2022 we finished in the legendary Dakar rally.

In February 2022 the KMAMK Team finished in the Rallye Monte-Carlo Classic and Serhii Malyk received the special award for his incredible input to the development of motorsports.

Our scope of activity:

  • Professional motorsports
  • Amateur motorsports
  • Auto and moto tourism
  • Sport, patriotic, social and cultural events
  • Racing school
  • Construction and letting of sport cars
  • Defensive driving school (cars and motorcycles)
  • Air ballooning