Ambulances for Ukraine (2022)

Just after the new wave of Russian aggression against Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the Kyiv automotoclub launched another humanitarian project «Ambulances for Ukraine». We search for and purchase used ambulance cars in the EU, deliver them to Ukraine, upgrade for working in battle zones and personally hand them to Medical Units in combat zones.

Aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and residents of the anti-terrorist operation zone (2014-2022)

From the very beginning of the war in the East of Ukraine, the Kyiv automotoclub has constantly been helping our Armed Forces and children living in the anti-terrorist operation zone. Collectively and individually, we participate in various volunteer activities: we collect and hand the necessary things to the soldiers, from socks to technical equipment, we help orphan boarding schools and orphanages in liberated cities or towns close to the battle line. Our Club members are constantly on duty and aiding wounded soldiers in Kyiv hospitals.

Revival of Ukraine’s historical and cultural heritage

«The story of one victory»

On the initiative of KMAMK, a memorial sign was erected in Konotop to commemorate the glorious victory in the Battle of Konotop, won on 28 June 1659 by the army of the nations of Eastern Europe who united against a common enemy.